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Stand And Deliver The Presidio The Serpent And The Rainbow: The Deluxe Edition Frantic The Accused Crusoe Sunset big Without A Clue
78 anmeldte soundtracks/scores fra 1988
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Titel: År:
Accidental Tourist, The 1988 John Williams
Accused, The 1988 Brad Fiedel
Alien Nation 1988 Curt Sobel / Jerry Goldsmith
Alien Nation (unused) 1988 Jerry Goldsmith
Bat*21 1988 Christopher Young
big 1988 Howard Shore
Big Top Pee-wee 1988 Danny Elfman
Blob, The 1988 Michael Hoenig
Camille Claudel 1988 Gabriel Yared
Child's Play 1988 Joe Renzetti
Cocoon: The Return 1988 James Horner
Cocoon: The Return: The Deluxe Edition 1988 James Horner
Cohen And Tate 1988 Bill Conti
Criminal Law 1988 Jerry Goldsmith
Crusoe 1988 Michael Kamen
Dead Pool, The Dirty Harry 1988 Lalo Schifrin
Dead Ringers 1988 Howard Shore
Dead Ringers (complete) 1988 Howard Shore
Deadly Friend 1988 Charles Bernstein
Die Hard Die Hard 1988 Michael Kamen
Die Hard (complete) Die Hard 1988 Michael Kamen
Die Hard (expanded) Die Hard 1988 Michael Kamen
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 1988 Miles Goodman
Distant Thunder 1988 Maurice Jarre
Explorers: A Century Of Discovery, The 1988 Lee Holdridge
Fish Called Wanda, A 1988 John du Prez
Frantic 1988 Ennio Morricone
Frantic (expanded) 1988 Ennio Morricone
Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood 1988 Harry Manfredini / Fred Mollin
Handful Of Dust, A 1988 George Fenton
Haunted Summer 1988 Christopher Young
Hero And The Terror 1988 David Michael Frank
Hidden, The 1988 Michael Convertino
In A Shallow Grave 1988 Jonathan Sheffer
L'ours 1988 Philippe Sarde
Lady In White / Frankie Goes To Tuscany 1988 Frank LaLoggia
Land Before Time, The 1988 James Horner
Land Before Time, The (complete) 1988 James Horner
Last Rites 1988 Bruce Broughton
Masquerade 1988 John Barry
Masquerade (complete) 1988 John Barry
Memories Of Me 1988 Georges Delerue
Midnight Run 1988 Danny Elfman
Mission: Impossible 1988 Lalo Schifrin / Ron Jones
Naked Gun, The: From The Files Of Police Squad! 1988 Ira Newborn
Nuovo Cinema Paradiso 1988 Ennio Morricone
Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (expanded) 1988 Ennio Morricone
Presidio, The 1988 Bruce Broughton
Prison 1988 Richard Band / Christopher L. Stone
Pumpkinhead 1988 Richard Stone
Rain Man 1988 Hans Zimmer
Rain Man (complete) 1988 Hans Zimmer
Rambo III Rambo 1988 Jerry Goldsmith
Red Heat 1988 James Horner
Remo Williams / Mission Of The Shark: The Saga Of The U.S.S. Indianapolis 1988 Craig Safan
Rescue, The 1988 Bruce Broughton
Scarecrows 1988 Terry Plumeri
Scrooged 1988 Danny Elfman
Segreto del Sahara, Il 1988 Ennio Morricone
Serpent And The Rainbow, The 1988 Brad Fiedel
Serpent And The Rainbow, The: The Deluxe Edition 1988 Brad Fiedel
Shoot To Kill 1988 John Scott
Spellbinder 1988 Basil Poledouris
Stand And Deliver 1988 Craig Safan
Stealing Heaven 1988 Nick Bicât
Summer Story, A 1988 Georges Delerue
Sunset 1988 Henry Mancini
Superman / Superman: The Music - Extra! Superman 1988 Ron Jones / diverse (various)
Three Fugitives 1988 David McHugh
To Kill A Priest 1988 Georges Delerue
Vibes 1988 James Horner
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 1988 Alan Silvestri
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (complete) 1988 Alan Silvestri
Willow 1988 James Horner
Willow (expanded) 1988 James Horner
Without A Clue 1988 Henry Mancini
World Apart, A 1988 Hans Zimmer
Zelly And Me 1988 Pino Donaggio