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Jerrald Goldsmith was born on February 10th 1929 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Jerry's second wife Carol Heather Goldsmith, who is a songwriter, have worked together with Jerry,
on the music for CaboBlanco. She also did some vocals on The Omen from 1976.
Jerry also got his fifth child with Carol, called Aaron.

Jerry has 4 children from his first marriage with singer Sharon Hennigan Goldsmith.
The oldest daughter, Ellen, did the vocals on Wild Rovers from 1971.
His next daughter, Carrie, briefly dated the composer James Horner,
whose work is claimed to be very much inspired by Jerry's musical talents.
Both Ellen and Carrie work as teachers today, and Jerry's youngest daughter, Jennifer, is in the entertainment industry.

Jerry's son, Joel, is also in the business. He has assisted his father many times in the 1980's;
first credited for Runaway (1984), and the latest father & son project is Star Trek: First Contact.
In 1993 Joel wrote the score to the thriller Man's best friend single-handedly.
(Joel had done scores to minor B-productions before, i.e. Moon 44.)

Jerry Goldsmith died on July 21st 2004 in Beverly Hills, California, U.S.A.

His career:

He started on piano-lessons by Jakob Gimpel and Mario Castelnuevo-Tedesco, as soon as the beginning of the 1940's.
Jerry was very aware of the drama in its musical form, so he quickly found out, how to combine the music with the drama.

Then he took the small step from there, to focus completely on film music. And his master-tutor wasn't just "Mr. nobody".
No, it was the professor and composer Miklos Rozsa.
(Miklos Rozsa composed the scores to Ben-Hur, Ivanhoe, El Cid and Quo Vadis, just to mention the classics.)

He started his career very slowly at CBS television - as a clerk typist. But he advanced fast, to start composing music for radio-plays,
and later for tv-broadcasts. That was in 1955. Later on he wrote music for some famous tv-series like
The Twilight Zone (in the late 1950's) and Dr. Kildare.

Jerry's first motion picture score, was a reality in 1957 for a long forgotten B-western named Black Patch.

Even though he made his debut-score in 1957, he was first recognised in 1962.
That was his score for Lonely Are The Brave starring Kirk Douglas,
and that same year he got his first Academy Award-nomination for Freud.

Many directors have used him in almost all their films. The late Franklin J. Schaffner, who died in 1989, made
Planet Of The Apes (1968), Patton (1970), Papillon (1973), The Boys From Brazil (1978) and Lionheart (1987).
Paul Verhoeven has used Jerry for Total Recall (1990), Basic Instinct (1992) and the latest Hollow Man.
Jerry has also score quite a few Charles Bronson-movies, i.e. CaboBlanco from 1980,
which was a pretty misjudged remake of the classic Casablanca from 1942, with score by Max Steiner.

Fred Schepisi has used Jerry, for films like The Russia House, Mr. Baseball, Six Degrees Of Separation and I.Q.
Finally; Joe Dante has given Jerry the opportunity to show his big talents to films like Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983),
Gremlins I and II (1984/1990), Innerspace (1987), Explorers (1985), The 'burbs (1989), Matinee (1993),
Small Soldiers (1998)
and Looney Tunes: Back In Action (2003).

Jerry's favourite score is Islands In The Stream from 1977, and his worst project ever made, could be Inchon (1981).
It has to do with the bad conditions during the recording sessions. And like that wasn't enough, the movie was a complete
box-office disaster, after 3 years of hard work. But apart from that, all Jerry-fans can enjoy his impressive music.
His worst project was his score for Gladiator (1991), but that score was never used, and will probably never get released.

Academy Award's (Oscar's):

Jerry Goldsmith has ONLY received 1 Academy Award (Oscar):

THE OMEN from 1976
(Best Original Score)

He has been nominated to 16 Academy Awards for:
FREUD from 1962
A PATCH OF BLUE from 1965
PATTON from 1970
PAPILLON from 1973
CHINATOWN from 1974
THE OMEN from 1976 (Best Song)
UNDER FIRE from 1983
MULAN from 1998

My favorite music:

My personal favourite must be that moving score for Medicine Man (1992). I'm also very fond of Papillon, Lionheart,
Supergirl (1984), Rudy (1993), MacArthur (1977), First Knight (1995), The Wind And The Lion (1975)

and the Gremlins-theme, the Basic Instinct-theme and The Mutant-theme from Total Recall.
Plus the tragically, but vivid score for Sleeping With The Enemy from 1991. ..... and all the rest.

The latest CD-releases:

(releases of older material mentioned first.)
2000: Tora!Tora!Tora! (70), Police Story (73), Breakout (75), Contract on Cherry Street (TV), The Challenge (82),
Total Recall (90 - re-issue, approx. 30 mins. more music) and Hollow Man.
2001: Wild Rovers/The Last Run (71), Rio Lobo (71), Room 222/Ace Eli And Roger In The Skies (73),
Along came a spider and The Last Castle.
2002: The Prize (63), The Omen (76-extended), Damien: Omen II (78-extended), The Final Conflict (83-extended)
and The Sum of All Fears.
2003: The Sand Pebbles (66), Justine (69), The Ballad Of Cable Hogue (71), Hawkins On Murder/Babe/Winterkill, Magic (78),
Star Trek: Nemesis and Looney Tunes Back In Action.
2004: The Great Train Robbery (79), Jerry Goldsmith at 20th Century Fox (75 year-anniversary album).

A special documentary video about Jerry Goldsmith was released in 1995, by Fred Karlin Productions in the series
Film Music Masters.

Thanks to: Ford A. Thaxton (SilvaScreen), Douglas Fake (Intrada), Bill Finn,
and Karl Scott (associate producer on Jerry's Night Crossing from 1982).

Jerry Goldsmith's former agency:
Kraft-Engel Management
15233 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 200
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Phone: 818-380-1918
Fax: 818-380-1915

Link to ordering sheet music:
http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/store. Search for Jerry Goldsmith as a composer, not artist. Good luck.
http://www.musicnotes.com. Search for Jerry Goldsmith as an artist/composer. Good luck.

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